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Updated: Apr 25, 2019

Me that is, not my guests

Going live on Apple and Spotify from April 22nd, I have recorded a series of podcasts in association with RadioWorks to bring the views of leaders in the advertising industry who have set up consultancies to deliver specific solutions to clients, and in doing so are indeed, doing The Right Thing.

Delighted to have secured a sponsor for the second set of recordings which will be focused on blockchain applications

Series 1 guests are below with links coming to the content on Apple after April 22nd.

Episodes live -

1 - LDTRT x Mike Anderson, Head Boy at DOTTT - Episode is here

2 - LDTRT x Kathleen Saxton, Founder of Lighthouse and Psyched.

Episodes recorded and on the mixing desk!

Amy Williams - Founder of Good Loop

Jonathan Durden - Founder of PHD and BTB Grooming

Pedro Avery - Founder of Kayo Consulting

Duncan Tickell - Founder of Alchemist Media

Cadi Jones - Beeswax and Bloom

Nick Weatherall - Founder of Digital Fuse

Michael Hand - MD EMEA Signal

Thanks for the support and interest.

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